Published On : May 15, 2019

You might be pristine to lashes, or maybe you are a standard lash expert. In any case, we believe it’s significant that paying little respect to how natural you are, that you have all the correct information to enable you to deal with your lashes. Lash extensions are excellent things and do require a little TLC to guarantee that they last well. The response ‘To what extent will they last?’ is immensely factor – it generally comes down to you and what you do (and don’t do) to them. Here, the five tips that will help you make your lash extensions last longer.

#1. Use special cleaning products

The most ideal approach to keep your lash extensions clean is by utilizing a lash augmentation safe cleanser. Many beauty salons in Dubai, like Black and White ladies salon, or beauty shops in Dubai offer products that are save to use for your lash extensions. The eye cosmetics removers that will not harm your own lashes as well as eyelash extensions come in liquid and gel formula and have a pH balance similar as tears.

For cleaning the eye area to expel cosmetics, we recommend applying the product on a tissue and dab it on the eye lashes and brush carefully though your lashes.

#2. Don’t pick

It might be tempting to pull out a disturbed lash extension, yet you could be doing more harm than you might think. Never pick at a lash extension or you may break glue bonds and harm characteristic lashes. Simply give them an upward sweep back set up.

#3. Avoid water and steam

Straight in the wake of completing your lashes, you ought to maintain distance from water and steam for no less than four hours. Water, steam, intemperate warmth and even splash tans can affect the bond of the glue. But, past the initial four hours post-treatment, shower and wash your face as you generally would. If you get your lashes wet, “pat them tenderly with a towel to dry and abstain from scouring the eyes. You can also utilize a hairdryer on a low setting, blowing from the root to the tip.

#4. Try not to use mascara

The best thing about eyelash extensions is that you have stunning, long, full lashes without wearing mascara or using curlers. We realize that a few women may, in any case, need to wear mascara now and then, and that is alright as long as it’s a mascara or eyeliner that is save to use for lash extensions such as Bella Lash Mascara.

Ultimately, while applying your lash extension mascara, just utilize one coat and just apply to the tips of your lashes.

#5. Sleep on your back

Try to sleep on your back. This may seem like difficult (except if you as of now rest on your back), however, it’s extremely significant and helpful when it comes to maintaining your lash extensions since the glue requires a stretch of time to dry completely. Following a night or two, you can continue your typical resting position, however, I would recommend you not to because it’s better for your health and skin to sleep on your back!


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