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 Published On : November 17, 2018

The 2018-2019 nail trends are filled with bold patterns and artistic features that will elevate any look. All of the fall 2018 fashion shows in NYC, London, Milan and Paris witnessed a carefully taken care set of fabulous nail designs that ranged from trendsetting avant-garde to subtle and dashingly chic.


In a regular setting the most daring nail treatment won’t just be seen, yet additionally remarked on and by and large – copied. Be on the front line by remaining in front of the 2018-2019 nail trends and painstakingly applying the correct structures and designs and nail polish shades on your nails.

Nail art is an unfathomable consideration of modern fashion on the wearer’s fingers, so take consideration of sometime to go through the latest nail art designs and trends for 2018-2019 and get some new ideas to grace your nails all through the upcoming year!

Natural & Short

Many of the nail color and manicure trends were highlighted on nails that were small enough to be very practical and natural, another side of wearable fashion that is repeatedly ignored. The petite nails did not lack crafty conception on any fashion show runway with unbelievable manicures and spectacular, unforgettable colors shown in numerous shows.

Marc Jacobs presented his fresh line of nail polish colors on short nails. Crafted and embroidered options as the nails on the ramp models in Creatures of Comforts and Sonia Rykiel stood also on short nails.


Practical Ovals

Preceding seasons have revealed extremely and impracticably long fingernails just for the cause of presenting top styles and designs. Luckily for those into 2018-19 nail trends, real-world average-medium lengths are very much in with oval shaped smooth tips.

Moschino’s models displayed manicures crafted by Miss Pop with half-moons at the base of the nail rather than beautifying the end of the middle. It was an exciting experiment made even more thought-provoking by the extent in length of the nail, which heightened the slight half-moons with the oval tips on small to medium-length nails. Antonio Maras also presented that art could be thru on medium-length nails that are twisted and deep without losing any element.

Low Square Tips

Cushnie et Ochs introduced their glitter & shimmer manicure on tenderly sharpened tips for what was considered to be a more graphic look. Gypsy Sport also exhibited explicitly designed black and white nail polish on petite, square-filed nails.

Han Wen’s glossy metal and dark black shapes were also done on squared nails. It is a classic silhouette with a decent, sparkling look that is easy to like.


Nail Polish Colour Trends 2018-2019

Temperamental Tones

Unsurprisingly with the arrival of the colder months, colours get darker and droopier both in terms of beauty and fashion. The 2018-2019 nail trends incorporated fall’s dependable side by presenting myriad of darker fall nail polish colors you can carry with mostly any outfit.
Phillip Lim introduced glossy and shiny nails in temperamental tones of dark olive, Smokey teal and more. Tanya Taylor’s tipped trims showed off a striking cream end on a rich wine-red coloured base. Edeline Love’s chocolate cherry coloured nails were dreamily and flawlessly deep in colour in a medium-length stiletto outline. Tadashi Shoji’s intensely coloured nails topped with fine mesh were fascinating and just the right amount of gothic glamor that also had a bit of a snakeskin effect to them.

Self-Portrait’s midnight toned navy nails are the closest shade to black that blue has forever gotten.


Futuristic Metallics

Metallics are typically presumed to be shades of Chrome, Gold and Copper. In recent times, the rose gold trend really was a hit, but now metallics of variety of shades are becoming the most loved trend as a fall 2018-19 nail trend.

Cividini displayed a metallic emerald shade that was designed to go with the eye looks on that runway. Tanya Taylor’s silver chrome coloured polish outlined with coral was an outstanding choice as well. Naeem Khan actually wrapped up the deal with prismatic nails in holographic green and blue premeditated to look like the beautiful shell of a Peruvian insect that really inspired him.

Jewel Tones

The fall 2018-19 nail colour trends make definite you have enough bewitching jewel nail colours to pick from for the forthcoming holiday time and beyond. Amusing, sophisticated and kind of charisma, jewel-toned manicure could uplift your looks to remarkable new level.

Marc Jacobs’ nail polishes came in 9 highly pigmented and attractively jewel toned shades that astounded everybody who looked at them. The nail color shades were skillfully curated and synchronized with the all the various looks on the runway, making them crucial for your accessories if you aim to fill your wardrobe with the contributions of the Marc Jacobs fall 2018-19 collection. Furthermore, some of the metallics kind of had a jewel-toned vibe. Self-Portrait presented off a deep sapphire blue nail color polish that was dreamy and closely twilight in color with a lot of shimmer.


The Latest Nudes and Neutral Shades

The fall/ winter 2018-2019 nail trends broadcast gold and silver metallic the latest nude, which is outstanding news for everyone who desires to wear somewhat elusive with a good shade of gloss. Light shades of fawn, taupe and even olive green have made thru the list with lenient, early shining pinks to be considered the new neutrals and nudes. These nail colors comprise the generally satisfying shades of grey, coffee and olive, shades of nude that don’t amp up on the color that much, just adequate to be modest yet chic.

Some of the newer shades like grey could be seen on the Eudon Choi. Fawn and beige selections were comprised in simple arty designs like those realized on the Adeam models.

Stella McCartney exhibited off the light pink that is often allied with nudes as well. Roland Mouret wanted to wash the models’ nails in a more classically known nude.


Glossy High-Shine Nails

Glossy-finished nails are constantly spectacular and are a hailed rehabilitated fall 2018-2019 nail trend. Christian Siriano’s spectacular manicures highlighted several diverse and cunningly gorgeous designs that stood out with a high gloss finish. The shining gloss only emphasized the combination of rich colors and metallics.

Glossy Glitter Nails

The fall/ winter 2018-2019 nail trends pompously state that glitter nails are in, and meanwhile we love all things glittering and enthralling, this is our favourite nail polish colour choice to go for!
Cushnie et Ochs exhibited off a habitually ‘naked’ nail with a scattering of glitter positioned at the tips. The appearance was natural, very graceful and not the slightest bit overwhelming, which can be a hard feat to achieve with glitter.

Ivory manicures glittering with a sparkling finish were shown on the Preen runway for just another nonchalant option to choose from.


Rich Reds

Red is a classic nail color, but any admirer of fashion sees that the shades of red differ and even embrace blues and orange nail polishes. Oscar de la Renta disclosed a glossy and cavernous red nail finish. Zadig & Voltaire on the other hand (pun intended) presented nails that were a vivacious yet lustrous cherry red.


Matte Nail Polish

Gareth Pugh exposed off extra-long matte sapphire blue nails with cut-outs at the tip. They were surprising and unrealistic, a very unanticipated and jittery look to go along with the unforeseen looks and adapting of the show.



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