Published On : May 13, 2019

Let’s start adding some beautifying lifts to your skincare routine to help you look and feel better throughout the holy month of Ramadan. In addition to the fact that you need to factor in the rising warmth and mugginess, but on the other hand it’s an opportunity to truly concentrate on what you’re putting onto your skin and into your body to ensure you’re stacking up on good stuff. Ramadan is coming in one of the hottest months of summer this year. Fasting for extended periods of time alongside the sweltering climate and absence of liquids may prompt skin harm and dryness. This is actually why you ought to take additional consideration of your skin amid this blessed month. If you want to keep your skin radiant and glowing throughout Ramadan, then check out these 5 skin care tips.

Stay Hydrated

When you break your fasting, ensure you eat meals that are water-based, for example, soup. Some nourishing leafy foods to eat amid this period of fasting are celery, tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers and starfruits. They’re flawless to enable you to stay hydrated with their high water content. Getting enough water is critical as water is important to keep your body working and your skin amid Ramadan.


Go for Facial Treatment

Facials are one of the most ideal approaches to stack skin with helpful fixings, so why not book in for a touch of pampering to give your beauty regime a kickstart? Simply ensure you’re getting the correct treatment for your skin’s needs amid the run-up to Ramadan. As this Ramadan is happening amid the sweltering and humid climate. Facials containing Vitamin C and AHA are best for shining and refreshing skin. PRP [platelet rich plasma] sessions can help a lot in fine line removal and skin tightening.

Kick the Sodas and Caffeine

Sorry soda and coffee lovers, but it’s a great opportunity to curtail soda and caffeine if you need sound, wonderful skin – and the sooner, the better. The secret to dealing with your skin in Ramadan is to dodge certain nourishments and beverages. Caffeine and soft drinks are known to take away the minerals in the body, which negatively affects your skin. Caffeinated beverages contain the diuretic impact, a substance that makes your body produce pee, bringing about mineral misfortune from the body, which negatively affects your skin.


Sleep Well

As all the routine is changed amid this month and the greater part of the general population get less time to rest, you should attempt to get appropriate rest of 7-8 hours. If you don’t get time to sleep during the evening, you may have a rest toward the evening. Your skin will look genuine fresh without dark circles around your delightful eyes after a night of proper and regular sleep.

Eat Nuts

The ideal thing to nibble on for your skin before Ramadan? Nuts. Eating nuts like cashews and almonds assume a major job in reviving your skin since they contain vast rates of fibres and unsaturated fats.



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